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Questions on the main topic of bedding and hygiene products for pets

1. How do you assess the current market situation in the field of bedding and hygiene products for pets?

The Corona pandemic and its associated lockdown have left many people feeling lonely. To make up for the lack of social contact, pets of all stripes were acquired. Cats and dogs led the rankings, but small animals and farm animals also made their way into households. These pets and farm animals want to be cared for.

The rising animal population has caused the demand for high quality bedding and hygiene products, as well as high quality straight feeds, to soar.

This has ensured a strong boost in sales to this day: throughout Europe - but especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - animal lovers have always attached particular importance to species-appropriate, sustainable products; the demand for bedding and hygiene products from the quality brands Cat's Best® and CHIPSI® has always been consistently high in these countries.
But in the lockdown, the demand has virtually exploded, increased astronomically - and worldwide!

When it comes to bedding, livestock farmers are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of function and environmental compatibility; hygiene products that offer greater performance and sustainability are therefore very much in vogue.

Organic bedding products are showing sustained growth momentum:

Cat's Best® is currently one of the most dynamic brands in the German trade In the small animal segment, a similar development can be seen - away from flavoured bedding products towards completely natural products such as CHIPSI® SUPER or CHIPSI® CLASSIC PLUS. Our hay assortment CHIPSI® SUNSHINE can offer a very good quality of roughage due to the high harvest quality - especially our CHIPSI® BIO hay specialities with additives are in demand at the moment.

Of course we are happy about the high demand! On the other hand, it also presents us with completely new challenges. Turning the quality screw is out of the question for us. The new production sites in Germany and France will therefore help to increase output in the future.

3. What are the turnover distributions with regard to silicate litter, mineral litter and organic litter?

The European cat litter market is traditionally dominated by mineral cat litter based on bentonite, quartz-lime sand or silicate. What the users probably don't consider is that the basic materials for this have to be mined in opencast mines - with dramatic consequences for nature!

Disposal is also problematic: mineral cat litter is one of the largest single items of residual waste in the household. In France alone, mineral cat litter accounts for around 612 tonnes of residual waste!

Yet there is a new generation of sustainable cat litter that works perfectly and still enables a natural material cycle:
Cat's Best®, the innovative cat litter that combines nature and hi-tech.

Through the innovative ICS* Wood Fiber Technology, technologically refined active wood fibers are able to absorb and encapsulate up to 7 times their own weight of urine, completely natural, lightning fast and reliable to the last droplet: no moisture, no unpleasant odors! Cat's Best® Original is up to 3 times more absorbent than conventional litter and can remain in the litter tray for up to 5 weeks before a complete change is necessary.

And while mineral litter inevitably ends up in landfill, Cat's Best® is completely biodegradable and can still make a valuable contribution in the waste disposal process:
for energy and heat generation in waste incineration or biomethanisation.

4. Which distribution channels does the pet owner prefer: stationary or online?

The main business still takes place in-store, but online trade has grown more and more; it has been developing dynamically for years. The "impersonal" channels have also profited from the current pandemic impairments and consumer fears: avoiding contact was a priority! And many retailers had to close their shops. This has led to even die-hard retail customers shopping online because they had no other choice at all!

As different as the preferences of cats and their owners are, so are the products.
But the salon lions are demanding - a change of cat litter needs to be well thought out!
As a rule, the cat owner prefers to stick to the product that his fur nose prefers.
Otherwise he does not have to be surprised, if also times on carpet or bed is changed...

And at the latest, if the expensive Persian carpet or the new designer couch are wetted, the cat friend is startled and uncertain. Then one looks for nevertheless rather personal advice of the professional in the zoo specialized trade! There you won't get an answer from an avatar who wants to sell you a toilet brush instead of cat litter, but from a "real" person who knows the customer and the cat, possibly even by their first name!

Interview-Partner:  Patrick Köble, Head of Business Development D/A/CH, JRS PETCARE GmbH & Co. KG

Interview-Partner: Patrick Köble
Head of Business Development D/A/CH

* Intelligent Capillary System

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