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Variety and sustainability have become a must for consumers - and thus for suppliers. New, environmentally friendly products have to be brought to market faster, product cycles have to be shorter. The competition never sleeps and companies that do not keep up with this rapid pace will no longer be competitive within a very short time.
The trade is feeling the effects of this on the "front line". Animal owners are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to bedding: a more comprehensive range of variations, additional comfort functions and generationally appropriate environmental compatibility are in demand.
We see our highly functional natural bedding portfolio as a direct response to this development; there is attractive potential in the market, especially if - like us - you work in a special product world characterised by Sustainability and naturalness product world with high functionality.

With the PETCARE brand lines we are proving that functionality, economic thinking and ecological action complement each other in an impressive way: From the selection of raw materials to the processing steps in specially developed, environmentally friendly processes to disposability - with us, everything is aimed at ecological as well as economic sustainability and the success of our trading partners in the market. As a private label system supplier, we work for many big names in the trade and offer bedding for animals as private labels:

Cat litter

Organic cat litter

Private Label Cat Litter

Small animal litter

Bedding products for rodents, birds, small animals, exotic litter for reptiles and birds

Private Label Small animal litter

Special products

Beechwood granules, straight feed, straw bedding, hemp bedding and bark bedding

Private Label Special products

As a private label system supplier, a strong market partner for the trade

Together with its customers, the JRS Group develops custom-fit private label bedding products, from application consulting, application development, process implementation, special machine/plant solutions including logistics management and quality system, which are precisely tailored to the customer's needs.
At the customer's request, we take over both the filling and the packaging of all standard packaging and sizes.

This includes, for example, all common cartons, sacks, big bags, but also special packaging solutions.
Our comprehensive technology and service network and the monitoring of all production steps by a continuous quality management system guarantee the best availability and consistent quality and make JRS PETCARE a strategically strong market partner for litter.

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