The natural alternative

The JRS group of companies is the technology and world market leader in the field of natural, functional plant fibers and additives.
The unique JRS plant fiberstechnology is also used beneficially in the JRS PETCARE animal hygiene products.

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The optimal and natural hygiene and bedding solution for every animal and every type of husbandry - the popular brands of the wide-ranging JRS PETCARE assortment stand for more than just monetary success: they assume ecological and social responsibility.


Natural, renewable plant raw materials are processed into added value products with very special functional properties using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly production processes. QM-certified under ISO, PEFC, Bio, EnMs, individual customer audits, etc.


Do you want to get off to a fresh start?
Dare to try something new and take on new challenges?
Then become an active part of the JRS PETCARE team!

JRS Plant Rosenberg

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