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Dog’s Best
The ecological litter for dogs

Dog's Best

Ecological bedding for dogs


Dog's Best - The ecological litter for dogs

The ideal complement to walking the dog

Unfortunately, in our modern, urban living environment, it is not always possible for city and apartment dogs to do their "business" while running around freely; in addition, working dog owners and elderly, infirm or sick people cannot always take their dog out for a regular daily run or walk at the right time.

Rapid acceptance and habituation

The plant based and eco-friendly dog litter Dog’s Best with technologically refined active wood fibers is specially developed for the natural needs of small dogs and puppies. It is the practical addition to the walk and always there when the dog has to go - even outside the line! Dogs like the natural smell of the litter and quickly get used to it.

Clumping, very productive and economical

As a clumping litter, Dog’s Best uses the natural power of active wood fibers, which effectively absorb liquids and odours and encapsulate them deep inside - up to 7 times their own weight. Due to the comparatively high urine volume, a complete change of the dog toilet should be done regularly.

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