What you need to consider when rearing them


What you need to consider when rearing them

A strong warning should be given against kittens!

Pick up such a furry ball of wool just once - it might just fit on your outstretched hand.
The tiny one is as delicate and light as a feather, but fluffier than anything you've ever known.

When the little guy blinks at you with his oversized, shining eyes and lets his piercing "Miauuuuu" sound, you have already lost: Congratulations!
- you've just decided to share your life with a cat!

But kittens are still babies and therefore have - just like human babies - special demands.
To make sure that living together with your kitten goes smoothly right from the start, we have put together a few valuable tips for you here:

Kittens: What you need to consider when buying and raising them | Cat’s Best (

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Kitten tips to follow

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