Cat’s Best - The Guide to Cat Breeds

Cat’s Best - The Guide to Cat Breeds

There are many cat breeds - but which breed suits me?


The Bengal Cat

Wild cats have always fascinated us humans!
They are beautiful, have a self-confident, majestic appearance, but towards humans they are usually extremely shy - they even prefer to avoid us.
Attempts were made early on to get the "beautiful savages" used to people. However, this only worked out in exceptional cases; most of the time things went quite wrong - sometimes the attempt even had to be paid with the life. But they did not give up.
And in 1963 it finally worked out! There it succeeded to breed a new cat breed - a long desired wish of mankind came true: From a crossing of the leopard cat and different domestic cats the Bengal cat was born.
A cat as beautiful as a wild cat, but as gentle and affectionate as a domestic cat. In a way a "mini leopard" for the home - only much more affectionate and fixed on "its" human!
1986 this new breed was recognized.

Since Bengals are very friendly and human-oriented, they have gained more and more fans over the years. If you are looking for a cat that is very attached to its human, loves to cuddle and play with him - a Bengal is just right for you!

With its friendly nature, the Bengalisan ideal family cat - even children get along with it - provided they are used to cats and at an appropriate age,so that the handling is animal-friendly.
Unlike most other cat breeds, Bengals love water!
This can even go so far that they like tokeep you company while bathing or showering...
They are also great climbers! Everything gets scaled to keep a look out from above.
And they are very talkative: They have an unbelievably rich vocabulary and like to share it with you!
- So it will certainly never be boring with a Bengal cat!

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